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Expanded metal mesh

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Expanded metal mesh is formed from a single piece of material with no waste in the process. The metal material is cut and stretched while still leaving it attached at the knuckle. This allows it to retain its shape when cut and cannot separate or fray. Often cutting to shape is the only fabrication needed.
Because of its jointless continuity, it is a highly efficient conductor of electricity, magnetic flux and heat. It has excellent corrosion resistance when suitably coated, and the uncut knuckles support weight and withstand stress better than jointed welds or woven materials.
Expanded mesh can be supplied in a variety of finishes, thickness, raised or flattened. Flattened is smoother and does not indent soft materials if this is a consideration but is not as strong as the more robust raised mesh. Powder coating in your choice of colour will enhance its aesthetic appearance and add to its corrosion resistance as would plastic coating.

Diamond Mesh Light Duty Expanded Metal Walkway Flooring for Architectural Uses :

Expanded metal has the features of diamond mesh serrated pattern, giving excellent non-slip characteristics, as well as being a lightweight and strong section. Ideal for conveyor walkways, inclines, or for severe conditions where slip resistant floors are required.
This modular standard grating panels find applications such as tool room floors, office staff bridges, fire protection landings or walkways and a range of other architectural uses.
Material: Carbon Steel,Galvanized Steel,Stainless Steel, Aluminum.
Pattern: Opening in the shape of diamond, hexagonal or special shape.
Features: Strong and durable, light weight, with pleasing appearance in its shapes.

Stainless Steel Expanded Metal Grating in Diamond Holes

LWM: 4.5 to 100mm
SWM: 2.5 to 50mm
Strand thickness: up to 8.0mm
Strand width: MAX to 8.0mm

SS Expanded Metal Grating are mainly applied as platforms and stair treads for constructions, vessels, bridges and boilers. They are also used as reinforcement for light construction materials and concrete pouring, radiator grills on all types of vehicles and air compressors, safety guards for gear-drive equipment on various kinds of machines.

Standard Type Expanded Aluminum Mesh Fencing

Materials:Expanded Aluminum (Plate)
Thickness(mm):0.3 to 3.0
Opening(mm):2X3 to 36X100.
Micron Opening Aluminum Expanded Metal for Filter Screening.
Materials: Expanded aluminum foil or expanded plate.
Thickness(mm):0.04 to 0.3.
Anti-Climb Anti-Cut Aluminum Expanded Metal Security Mesh for Windows and Doors Fencing Guards.
Materials: Aluminum Panels or Plate.
Thickness(mm):0.3 to 3.0.
Opening(mm):2X3 to 36X100.

SS 316,SS 304,SS Stainless Steel Flattened Expanded Metal:

SWD: 2.5mm-50mm Short Way of the Diamond, the distance from the middle of the bond on one side to the middle of the bond on the opposite side.
LWD: 3mm-100mm(Long Way of the Diamond) is the distance across the largest dimension of the diamond measured halfway between the diamonds.

Width: 0.5m-2.7m, Length:1m-3.6m.

Thickness(gauge): Up to 8mm, Original thickness of metal before expanding.

Strand Width: 0.3mm to 8mm, Amount of metal between diamonds to produce one strand.

SWD, LWD Direction: Parallel to Length or Parallel to Width.


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