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Common Nails

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Common Nails

Common Nails and fastening spikes are popularly used for scaffold and other wooden and concrete structure fastening and securing. Also used for ships and various cases. Clavos supplies steel common nails with a variety of nail length, shanks and head types to meet specific fastening and finishing jobs. Major types include duplex, hardened steel and common round steel.
Steel nails for construction fastening are classified by lengths of 1 inch to 6 inches. Steel nails with a length of over 6 inch are also called fastening spikes.

  • Collated Nails
    -Drywall Collated Screws
    -Galvanized Roofing Wire Collated Nails
    -Plastic Strip Collated Framing Nails
  • Construction Nails
    -Masonry and Cement Building Nails
    -Common Steel Construction Nails
    -Square Shank Boat Construction Nails
    -Concrete Nails
    -Interior Construction Fastener Nails
    -Roofing Nails

Material: High quality low carbon steel Q195 or Q215 or Q235
Finish : good polished, flat head, diamond point, hot-galvanized/electro-galvanized, smooth shank
The length: 0.5''- 6'' (12.7mm-152.4mm)
The diameter: BWG19- BWG5
Packing: 20-30kg/carton, or inside have the small boxes or bags.
Or in according to the customer requirement
Delivery time: within 15 days after contract
It is used in construction and other industry feilds.

Common nail are classified into following types:
Collated Nails: Also called coiled nails, designed in 15 degree angle, 16 angle, 21 and other angles for easy operation with nailing tools and guns. Coiled steel nails save labor and cost in uses due to the continuous working. Due to specific uses, wire coiled nails can be divided further into: Drywall Construction Collated Screw Nails, Galvanized Steel Wire Collated Roofing Nails and Strip Collated Framing Nails.

Construction Nails: Common nails are popularly used in building construction as well as various wooden structure constructions. The buildings can be concrete, brick or wooden structures. The nails are used in fastening wooden panels, insulation sheet, roofing as well as wooden cases and crafts. Construction nails can be further classified into: Masonry and Cement Building Nails, Common Steel Construction Nails, Square Shank Boat Construction Nails, Concrete Nails, Interior Construction Fastener Nails and Roofing Nails.

Common Nail Smooth Shank

Model: 40#, 50#, 60#, 70#, 80#, 90#, 100# .
Technical Standards: Length(mm):40mm-100mm.
Shank Diameter:2.2mm-4.1mm .
Package description: 50LBS PER CARTON,48CTN/PALLET.

Common Round Nails: Common nails for general fastening uses, made of carbon steel, with zinc plating galvanized treatment.
Fence Staples: U type nails fasteners for attaching mesh panels to wooden posts, and other connecting uses.
Flat Head Nails: Flat cap common round nails.
Ring Shank Nails: Steel nails with ring or twisted thread shanks. Increased holding powder is offered with this screw nails.

Common round nails are made with round caps, small head, clout head and countersunk checkered heads.

Common Nails Smooth Shank for Wooden Furniture Paneling.

Round Head Fastening Nails
Common Round Nails Technical Information:

Surface treatment: polished or electro galvanized
Length: 1/2" - 8"
diameter of the shank: BWG5 - BWG17

25kgs/carton in bundle,
5kgs/box, 4 boxes/carton
Gross weight: 7kgs/carton with 16boxes

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