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Sand, Gravel & Quarry Screening

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High performance coarse mesh screens are designed to reduce the operating cost by effectively filtering, segregating and separating sand, gravel and quarry particles in a relatively short period of time.

Manganese steel 65Mn,30Mn,45#,70#,72A,82B,carbon steel,stainless steel and galvanized mild steel
The manganese steel is very abrasive and anti-corrosive. And the stainless steel material is very corrosion resistant. The carbon steel is economic cost screening material.
According to the different application, also choose different materials.

Tough Screen
Sand, Quarry Screen with no hooks

Manganese steel quarry screen
Crimped Wire Quarry Screen, with Hook Strips, Magnese Steel Material

Woven mesh screen with pre-Crimped wire offers stable structure and good strength.

Tech Data:
Aperture : 0.15-100mm
Standard rolls
Length are 2.0m
width is 0.914m(3ft),1m,1.22m(4ft),1.5m(5ft), 2m(6ft)

Quarry screens produce range
from 0.15mm aperture up to 100mm in heavy screen.

Filtering, segregating and separating particles of various shapes, sizes and composition in industries like Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food Processing, Ceramic, Chemical Industry, Plastic Rubber Industry, Paint Manufacturing, Brewing, Environment Protection and Mining.

How to order Quarry screens
For Example :
Material : steel wire
Wire diameter 1.5mm
Aperture 2.0X20.0mm
Quantity =100rolls
If cut the small pieces ,tell me the size

Screens can be supplied with Frames or Strips:
Full Hook Strips
Welded U-Sections
Hook Strips with Sheathed-ends & U-Sections

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