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Oil Vibrating Screen Fittings:

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High Efficiency Oil Vibrating Mesh is the damageable components of the vibrating equipment, the interface was painted felt solid between metal plate and screen cloth, it shapes the felt layer, so the sieved cloth and metal plate become s body, it make up the full felt solid napped component.

Features: The cost is low, it is easy to dismantle and install, a long usage life. It is the ideal fittings of the vibrating sieves.

Zhongpu Vibrating sieving mesh, made with high efficiency double layer felt vibrating sieving mesh, are sold to the oil field around the world.

Hook Types for Oil Vibrating Sieving Screen

Vibrating screen is widely used in several of industries and small and medium-sized particles, such as mineral, coal, stone crushing, ceramics, chemicals, refractory, and grains. There are several types of screen hook. The customers can free choose according own uses.

The vibrating screen hook is an approach of mesh tail. According to the screen edge treatment of the mesh, it can be divided into five types, each with description and photos illustration follows:

The first type is wire bending instead of using the plate.
The diameter of wire for screen fabrics is 6.00mm at least.

wire bending edge for vibrating screen

The second type is wire mesh welded plate bending.
The diameter of wire applied for vibrating screen is 4.00mm at least.

welded plate hook screen

The third type is with steel flooring and then is bent into u-shaped hooks.
The diameter of wire applied for screening is between 1.0mm and 4.5mm.
vibrating screen with u shape hooks

The fourth type is steel hooks with rubber gasket (natural white rubber) which is type of wood flooring. It can be rivet welding to be bonded to wire mesh fabrics.
This diameter of wire for screening is mainly 1.0mm.
Rivet welded hooked vibrating screen

The fifth type is with wood flooring.
The steel plate is fixed on the vibrating screen and it is difficulty to pull it out.
Then riveted together with the screen fabrics to form a whole body.
The diameter of wire is mainly 1.0mm.
fixed screen

 Choose your vibrating screen according to the hook types, and specifiy your order. Welcome to contact ZhongPu for more information or custom sizes.

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