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Pet Screen Door

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Pet access flap for screen doors provides instant indoor or outdoor 2-way access for cats and smaller dogs. The pet door is hinge-free and swings open or closed as pets enter or exit through an access opening. Installation is quick and easy with the screen door plastic snap-on design, and the pet door can be locked shut with included plastic pegs. Ideal for use with screened patio doors, storm doors, or windows. To ensure the pet door will work as intended, please measure pets to ensure they can comfortably fit through the 7.75" wide by 9.5" high screen opening. For high traffic screen doors that tend to slam shut often, we recommended to apply a little glue to each side of the pet flap to ensure a firm long-lasting grip over time.

Install Pet Screen into window screens, sliding screen doors, porch screens or anywhere traditional screening is used. Pet Screen is resistant to tears and damage caused by household pets. You may never have to rescreen your window or door screen again. Pet screen is a heavier duty material designed to keep out the insects well maintaining your view through the screen and resisting pets.

Pet Screen Technical Information:
Composition: vinyl coated polyester
Yarn Diameter (inch): .025 Warp / .025 Fill
Mesh Count: 14x10, 15x11
Width: 36”, 48”, 60”, 72”, 84”
Length: 25’, 50’, 100’, 300’
DIY Size: 36” x 84”, 48” x 84”
Colors: Black, Grey
Features: Anti-aging, UV, fire resisting, easy to clean, high tensile strength, durable use.

Retractable Aluminium Pet Screen Door

Aluminum pet screen door curtains are UV-resistant, washable, removable and retractable.
Aluminum: 6063T5
Powder coating thickness: ≥70μm
Nylon mesh in Black, Grey or as the buyer’ needs. With powder coating for further strength.
Profile: Aluminum.

Retractable Screen Curtains

Aluminium color:
White, Bronze, Brown,Sliver or as the buyer’ needs
Forms of supply includes: Semi-finished materials or fixed Size.
General size:
100x220,100x250,160x250 or as the buyer’ needs

Max size
Max Width 160cm; Max Height 250
DIY design, it can cut in different sizes
Barrier free
Height adjustable
Convenient to retract
Minimal space for storage
Available to all your existing Doors, Single / Double
Be freely positioned in the guide
Two panels close / open right and left sides
Otally reversible, it can be mounted on either left or right side of your door.

pet screen

pet screen mesh

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