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Wire Screen for Mine Sifting and Sieving

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Mine screen mesh is a metal net structure components used in sieving, sifting and filtering of mine metals. Structures can be woven mesh, crimped coarse mesh, welded wedge wire or slotted metal sheets. Widely used in many industries in screening and filtering, desliming, dehydration and other operations. It has high strength, stiffness and carrying capacity, can be made into various shapes of the rigid screening filter unit.

Variety: Stainless steel welded mine screen mesh, sifting plate, sieve bend, basket, vibration screen, cylinder, arc sieve net straight wire mesh, high strength ore screen mesh, polyester mesh, etc.

Material: titanium wire, nickel wire, stainless steel wire, galvanized wire, iron wire, steel wire.

Features: Easy leakage, wear resistance, corrosion resistance. Acid and alkali resistant, high temperature resistant, strong tensile and abrasion resistance.

Use: It is widely used in mining, coal, petroleum, pharmaceutical purification, drilling fluid purification, fertilizer, grain, salt industry, environment protection, etc. Sieving and sifting liquid, powder and other materials.

Woven Metal Mesh Screen, Coarse Opening
Woven Coarse Mesh Screen
Sieve Bend Screen
Sieve Bend Screen: Curved Panels
Pre-crimped wire woven screen
Crimped Wire Mesh
Vibrating Screen for Mineral Grading
Three Layer High-Frequency Vibrating Screen
Hook Strip Vibrating Screen, Wire Mesh Sheet
Hook Strip Vibrating Screen Sheet
Sheet Plate for Sifting
Strip-seam Sifting Plate
Wedge Wire Screen
Wedge Wire Screen Plate
pvc screen sheet
Plastic Screening Sheet for Mine
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