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SS Perforated Sheet Mesh

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We offer perforated sheet with various patterns mainly standard perforated patterns and decorative patterns.

Custom designs available. Precise parameters guaranteed.

Hole Patterns including:

rectangular hole;
and other patterns according to your drawings or application requirement.

Sizes: We produce perforated metal sheets with customized sizes for customers.

Please indicate parameters below when you ask for a quotation:
  • hole pattern
  • sheet shape
  • material
  • sheet sizes
  • unique requirements
  • applications
  • other information you regard helpful

Perforated sheets stainless steel can be used in many different applications, including filter, teset sieves, screens, diffusers, guards, ventilation, and architectural decoration.

Big hole perforated stainless steel plates are used in fencing or partition uses. Micron round hole perforated ss sheets are used for making of perforated plate sieves for sand control and mine core sifting.

Patterns for Perforated Stainless Steel: The perforated round hole pattern is the most popular style for metal sheets, but it is also available in square and slotted holes.

Uses: Stainless steel perforated sheets are perfect for ventilation, filter and sieve, protection and decoration. It is manufactured from stainless steel sheets that are pressed through a die with the appropriate hole size pattern.Decorative Mesh

Materials: Stainless Steel.
Sizes and Specification:

Thickness:Cold rolled:0.3mm-3mm
Hot rollled:3mm-50mm
Length: 1000-6000mm as your requirement
Width:1000-2000mm as your requirement
size:1000mm*2000mm,1200mm*2440mm,1219mm * 2438mm, 1219mm * 3048mm, 1250mm*2500mm ,1500mm * 3000mm,1500mm*6000mm or as customer’s requirement.

Features: Perforated sheets are lightweight, attractive, economical, and is easily customizable. A variety of hole patterns, materials and gauges are available for the customers choice.

3mm Thick Decorative Hole Stainless Steel Perforated Sheet

Sheet Metal Plate Size:1.22*2.44M
Hole Type:Square, round, triangle, irregular, diamond, etc.
Mesh Lenth:3mm
Mesh Width:3mm

Perforated stainless steel plate sieves are made of punched metals with slotted round holes. The metal sieves are available in diameter sizes of 200, 300, 315, 350, 400 and 450 mm. The particle sizes of the square hole perforate sieves range from 125 mm to 4 mm. The sizing range for the round hole perforated sieves are 125 mm to 1 mm. SS perforated sieves are designed with for certain purpose like grain sieves, mid-point grading test sieves and extra depth perforated metal sieves. Popular sieves are 80ea Round Hole Perforated Plate Sieves, Processed from Stainless Steel 300 series, 23 Gauge, with 1/16 perforations, OD of the Sieve is 13&1/4", Height of Sieve is 2". Special apertures can be customized.

Stainless Steel Perforated Grain Grading Sieves

This grain sieves are used by agriculture department and grain organizations worldwide for testing grains and cereals grades. Commonly the stainless steel slotted plate is framed with 200 mm diameter brass or stainless steel frames to form a sieve device.

The aperture sizes as specified in ISO 5223.
Hole patterns for grain sieves: round or square depending on the grain sizes and shapes it will measure. In addition, perforated sieves for special purposes such as shaped holes, wet washing, very small openings and for use with specialize equipment are available.

Extra Depth Sieves Made with Perforated Metal Plate as Screening Materials, Ensuring a Long Time Sifting Uses:
Perforated stainless steel sieves are made in the shape of extra depth extensively used by the construction and cement industries. The diameter size is commonly 450 mm and the sieve depth is 300 mm. Made from stainless steel perforated sieving media, the sieve is strong and rigid and work for a long time without breaking.

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